If you are a United States citizen and would like to be a long term volunteer, direct all inquiries and applications to the SCI USA Long Term Volunteering branch (aka SCI-IVS USA LTV).
    1. Read the list of open SCI long term volunteering (LTV ) projects on the online database.  
    2. Choose a project you wish to apply for and also choose a second and third choice, in case your favorite project is unavailable. The list is updated every few months so changes do occur between updates.
    3. Download the application, fill in your information, and email a copy to: sciivs.usa.ltv@gmail.com
      • You can save/download this document to your computer, open it with Adobe Reader, click on “Fill & Sign” and fill it out on your computer.
      • If you use your own handwriting, please write clearly with black ink.
    4. SCI-IVS USA will forward copies of your application to the SCI branch that coordinates your selected project.
    5. SCI-IVS USA will let you know as soon as we receive a confirmation that you have been accepted.
    6. At that time you may take up direct contact with your chosen project or continue to have the SCI-IVS USA office handle the communication.
    7. SCI-IVS USA will inform you of any special conditions apply to your project, where to go, how to get there, when to arrive, what to take, what to expect, and how long you can stay.

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