Our Long Term Projects
  • Camphill Village Copake: a unique and vibrant life sharing community of 250 individuals, including over 90 adults with developmental disabilities. Located in southern Columbia County, it’s the oldest and largest Camphill community in North America.
  • High Spirit: a small community located in the Berkshire, MA. Currently consisting of 2 homes of life-sharing individuals. The adults with disabilities live and work together with their caregivers in a warm, supportive family environment, integrated into every aspect of household life and actively participating in the care of the community’s farm.

  • Interlaken House (Cadmus): our goal is to provide a meaning life-sharing environment that includes an active day program, social cultural life and a wonderful home life. We eat real food and provide a safe and respectful home life. We are committed to social renewal and are modeled on Camphill.

  • Leander House: a residential life-sharing organization for adults with developmental disabilities. It is made up of and affiliated with 7 life-sharing houses in the Berkshire region of New England, MA. In addition to the host family, each house has 2-3 residents and 1-3 volunteers.
  • Lukas Community: a year round residential community for adults with developmental disabilities, located in scenic Temple, NH. Disabled members live in extended family households with able coworkers and share in the work in crafts studios, gardens and households, as well as a rich variety of artistic and cultural events. 

  • Possibilities in Life Sharing: located in Florida, it’s currently the only Life Sharing home in the area – active in the community, with efforts to improve the lives of disabled people. 

  • Stanton Home: providing care for people with special needs since 1986, located in Great Barrington MA. Currently has a total of 16 residents, from 13 volunteers from all over the world as well as full and part-time staff.

Long Term Projects Worldwide

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Short Term Projects Worldwide

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