The SCI short term volunteering international site lists all the workcamps (short term volunteer projects) offered by SCI and its partners. Please use the search form on the site to prepare a list of up to six camps to suit your interests and travel plans. As you search, please be sure you read the workcamp details thoroughly to find out what is expected of you as a volunteer and what it will cost you. All applications will be processed by the branch or partner organization in your country of residence.

Note: The search engine on this site shows open projects only. Many countries do not have projects year round (especially Oct. – Feb.), therefore, if the country you want to volunteer in does not show up in your search, consider searching again in a month or two. The majority of countries conduct workcamps in early spring to late summer. 

If you are a United States citizen and would like to be a short term volunteer, you can register and apply on-line
If you are a citizen of a country other than the United States, check the SCI International site to see if you can register and apply on-line.

If there is an SCI branch in your country, you may be able to apply on-line. To check, type your country into the My Account – My Country and then go to My Branch panel on the top menu of the SCI International site and see what comes up in the panel below.

    • If there is a branch in your country, the panel will say My Branch; if there is a partner in your country, the panel will say Partners; if there is no branch or partner in your country, the panel will say SCI International and you will be directed to contact SCI International for advice.
    • If there is a branch of SCI in your country of residence, the information in the panel will state whether you can register and apply on-line. If your country allows on-line registration and application, you can create an account on this site and then login to complete and submit the application forms. If on-line registration and application is not allowed, please contact your branch to obtain an application and apply by post.
    • If there is an SCI partner(s) in your country of residence, please contact (one of ) the partners listed for an application and to apply by post.
  • If the organization you contact does not respond within a week, please contact SCI International at Be sure to mention the following points in your email:
      • Which country are you from?
      • Did you find an SCI organization in your country? If so, when did you write to them?
    • In which project are you interested?